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17:30 | 30/01/2019

With the Mission to create properous commuties, to bring happy life for residents of PhoDong Village Urban Area, on the occasion of the Lunar New Year of the Pig 2019, Saigon Construction Corporation (SCC) organizes a program to thank residents and counterparties with the theme “ Tet Sum Vay 2019”.

The progamme “Tet Sum Vay 2019” is a programme in the chains of annual activities for the community of PhoDong Village Urban Area. The Programme will take place at 15:00 on 19 January 2019 with abundance of many traditional activities of Vietnamese people on the occasion of the New Year and the coming spring. If you participate in the the programme you will have an opportunityt to enjoy kinds of tea with the flavour of the north, Keo Lac Candy and Che Lam tea. You also have the chance to ask for lucky words from ong do (calligraphy scholar) as you wishe, to play traditional games of festival or holidays… and it is especially interested for you to have a chance to selfie yourself with beautiful picture of you in the reappearance of Tet holidays in “each house” in the middle of a peaceful and fresh place of the Administrative Center of District 2.

“Each house” has one theme which may be wishes, desires, prays for happiness for your family and your neighbouring residents in the new year in the memory of your ancestors, for peace in the new year, for the gathering of the family in the new year, for prosperity in the new year, for luck in the new year, for success to bring fame to your ancestors and descedants in future. Those are hopes and prays for “the original point”, “Peace”, “Gathering of family”, “Growth”, “Prosperity” & “Fame”. With the theme of each house, you can pause to take selfie pictures of participants who seem to be wallowing in their own families with nice words such as “The merits of ancestors are remembers for ever; offerings in all generations are pious”, “Happiness and Peace will come to you in the New Year; Fame and Prosperity will come to you in the new year”, “Abundance of prosperity and Longevity and Happiness, Luck and Sympathy of people for you in the new year”… Perhaps, the scene of “Tet Sum Vay 2019/ Gathering in Tet Holiday 2019” will occur only on Phuong Vy Boulevard of PhoDong Village Urban Area, but those who participate in the programme will “be lived” in many “families” and will have more experiences in this Lunar New Year of the Pig 2019. Hopefully, all of the participants in the programme will have memorable and meaning moments of time with the presence of well – known artists and singers such as Quang Dung, Pham Thu Ha, Dao Mac,… We hope that with the wonderful performances of artists and singers in this Thank – You Party will bring to the participants special experience and feelings about a “Tet Sum Vay/ Spring in Tet Holiday” in the PhoDong Village Style” – where its residents are integrated into the civilized and noble community. The organization committee would like to send to you a message of gathering when Lunar New Year of the Pig 2019 approaches.


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