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Recruitment Policy

Join the SCC team and take advantage of the professional development opportunities at a modern company in Vietnam, with attractive salary and benefits in a professional, friendly and multicultural environment.

Employee policy

Basic salary and allowance:

  • Wages are commensurate with the level of expertise and ability
  • Health insurance and social insurance are paid by the Company in accordance with the law
  • The 13th month will be paid at the end of the lunar year. In addition to salary 13, depending on the results of each individual, the company will have bonuses at the end of the year with the occasion of salary 13
  • The salary increase will be reviewed annually, every 12 months from the start date. This is an assessment of personal ability based on the level of expertise, experience and performance in the previous 12 months.

Promotion opportunities:

SCC is dedicated to advancing employees in every way. It is our policy to give priority to qualified employees whenever possible. All employees are able to nominate themselves to certain positions in the Company or through their direct manager / manager.

Employee training program:

Training and development of staff is the first priority of SCC Company with the aim of building and developing the staff of professional skills, standards in business ethics, professional in the room. How to work and enthusiastic service partners. Employees in the Company are encouraged to provide specialized training appropriate to their job functions in order to carry out the Company's diversified work and prepare for more responsible work. The management staff of the company is also focused on training in strategic management, project management, risk management, etc. As a guideline, all staffs in the company have the opportunity to attend professional training courses based on internal and external work requirements, fully funded by the Company and fully paid. during training time. For newly recruited employees, the Company provides training courses related to: - Course on integration of working environment - Course on the related work assignments. As the company grows up to international stature, the Company regularly registers its employees to international symposia to expand their knowledge and visibility into the world.

Benefits, insurance:

  • Personal accident insurance 24/24
  • Health insurance and annual health checks. Every year, SCC performs the holiday regime and provides periodical health check-ups for its employees.

Recruitment rules:

  • The ordinary labor contract will be an indefinite term contract
  • Probationary period: 2 months
  • Hours: 44 hours per week
  • Annual leave: 12 days / year
  • Wedding: 3 days if your wedding day, 1 day if your wedding day
  • Funeral leave: 3 days in case of funeral of the birth parents, spouse's parents, spouse or children.

Company's social activities:

  • Year-end party: This is an event that all employees expect at the end of the year, as well as an opportunity for everyone to have fun, practice and show variety of colorful entertainment.
  • Charity activities: SCC is particularly committed to organizing community-based social relief, social relief, charity, etc. through the development of supportive spirit, collective support SCC employees with each other and with society.