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Urban Real Estate


After a great success in the field of construction, design and rental of industrial workshops, SCC aims to conquer the real estate market and resort, towards the harmony and sophistication.

In 2012, a series of potential construction projects of SCC have been launched such as PhoDong Village (District 2, HCMC), Sai Gon Ham Tan Resort (Lagi, Binh Thuan) Fleur De Lys (Quy Nhon) ...

With a prime location and a subtle combination of modernity and Vietnamese culture, SCC's urban projects have truly touched the hearts of the hottest customers, evoking the community of sleepers. Dream of a harmonious life with nature, balance between economic development and endless happiness.

In that dream, a sustainable city always converges the quintessence of life, where people are central:

• Easy traffic
• Living facilities
• Low population density
• Harmonious green patches
• A multicultural, modern and world-class multicultural community

All of that creativity is to serve the happy, full of guts inside


Urban Real Estate

The luxury compound Sol Villas

After many successes in the field of construction, design and development of PhoDong Village, SCC aims to conquer the luxury compound villa sector, aiming at the luxury, class and exquisite.

With a prime location and a sophisticated combination of modernity and Vietnamese culture, the luxury compound Sol Villas of SCC is truly the heart of the hottest consumers in the community. People dream of a harmonious life with nature, balance between economic development and endless happiness and personal level stand out in each villa.

In that dream, a stable compound always converges the quintessence of life, where people are central:

  • Advantage traffic
  • Outstanding utility
  • Low construction density
  • The green patches in harmony
  • Civilized community, class, preferred royal style

Combined with outstanding strengths, the luxury compound Sol Villas complex is the starting place for a noble, yet natural life close to nature.



4 Star Hotel Fleur De Lys


Named after the exquisite and radiant flower Lilium longiflorum Thunb, Fleur De Lys Project is the eternal symbol of royal style hotel in the coastal city of Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh Province.

With a stylized design of the high-end and convenient European Conference Dome, Fleur De Lys meets the MICE travel needs and resort of the most sophisticated customers.

With the scale of more than 4500m2, Fleur De Lys 4-star luxury Hotel has the height o 15 floors with 200 rooms facing the sea, locating along the designers "L" shaped, the vision of the project covers all the most famous landscapes course like Quy Nhon Bay, Hai Minh peninsula, Queen beach, Ghenh Rang. 

The modernity in design lines have adhered to the existing advantages of Quy Nhon land. Located at the center of the project, the cool courtyard is the convergence of tropical landscape blended into the service space: modern swimming pool, lounge, conference, restaurant, gym, spa, satisfying the criteria of the Green Design in the world on a green  environmental-friendly project.

In particular, the Suite rooms and the President’s room with golden sunshine on windy paneling, combining with high-end elegant space, bringing an exceptional value for the royalty owner.

Shining on the top floor of the project is the highlight Chan May Infinity Swimming Pool, which is surrounded by the Café & Bar area with 360 degree views overlooking the Quy Nhon Bay.

Khách sạn 4 sao Fleur De Lys

Khách sạn 4 sao Fleur De Lys

Khách sạn 4 sao Fleur De Lys


Being the origin of Earth-Sky interference, where the essence converges, PhoDong Village displays fully as a peaceful and pure natural symphony.
Hidden behind the name PhoDong Village, feng shui philosophy is Asian identity is bold: the word Phuong Dong originates from fresh Jupiter, symbolizes for power Dragon, shows the spring reproducing everything.
The subtle harmony between theory The five mutual basic elements (Venus - Jupiter - Mercury - Mars - Earth) creates 5 arterial roads throughout the project on 41ha scale, low record building density of 24.09%. PhoDong Village is surrounded with 2km of charming river, exalting the softness of the landscape. In this  place of "prime fortune Feng shui", SCC is proud to create complex urban scale, with the density of greentrees covering throughout the project, making the space filled with inspiration and peace.
With a contemporary architectural style and circulation philosophy between Wind and Water, each Townhouse, Terraced House, Duplex Villa, Villa at PhoDong Village is as a "masterpiece" in the heart of nature, bringing prosperous life for residents.
Possessing a strategic location, right at the admnistration center of District 2, it only takes 10-15 minutes to move to the city center, PhoDong Village is the center of the south strongest economic triangle including HCMC - Dong Nai Province - Ba Ria Vung Tau Province.
With 03 central park and 06 satellite parks cared every day, PhoDong Club and Royal Club, schools and other facilities, PhoDong Village contains the full secret of prosperity for every resident. With the first international nursing Institute in Vietnam, PhoDong Village brings a healthy and blessing old age.
With a full range of functions of finance, trade, services, culture, PhoDong Village as the promising land, uphloding career and as a triumphant chord.
At the start of the arterial road, Poinciana was chosen as the symbol and to recommend many dreams of  living and working in peace and contentment. With 17 kinds of flowers interlacing between zones 24 internal route zones, the whole project PhoDong Village is as a music of colors with full of inspiration throughout the four seasons.
Every morning, between colorful flower garden of red hatiora – salicornioides, pure white Porcelain, timid Couroupita guianensis, sobbing golden Pterocarpus macrocarpus, soft Barringtonia acutangula, Purple
Lagerstroemia specios, golden Cassia fistula, PhoDong Village’s residents is likely to have a day with full of inspiration and endless happiness.
Is there anything happier than in a good space, we lead each other by our hands in a spontaneous and strong tango song?
Solid foundation for that tango song that is being built today, with the selection called happiness. PhoDong Village invites you to fully enjoy every moment of life!
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